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Ready-Heat 1 Panel Blanket for Extremities

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Ready-Heat™ 1 panel mini blankets are versatile and light weight. Weighing less than 10 oz. and with 8 inches of attached hook & loop they can easily adjust to fit all arms and legs, wrap an IV, be placed in most 1st aid kits or be strategically placed to heat many parts of the body. Like the 4 and 6 panel blankets above, 1 panel mini blankets are gradually warming devices reaching 104 deg F in 15-20 minutes and stay consistently warm for 8 hours. This blanket has been adopted by several International militaries for warming arms before administering an IV in the field.

All Ready-Heat™ Blankets using panel technology come individually sealed in an oxygen free protective poly-bag. When the poly-bag is opened, the blanket’s heating elements react with the oxygen in the atmosphere and generate heat. The heat generated will provide sufficient warmth and comfort to the user for up to 8 hours.

All Ready-Heat™ Blankets have been approved for use on fixed wing and rotary aircraft by the US Military.

Warming Temperature: 104°F  /  40°C in 15-20 Minutes

Maintains Heat:   Up to 10 Hours

Size:   16" x 18" / 41 cm x 46 cm

Weight:   7 oz. / 198 gm

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Ready-Heat 1 Panel Blanket for Extremities

$18.00 USD

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