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Forward Tactical Cravat

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Product Description

The FORWARD Tactical Cravat is a versatile and multipurpose piece of gear that serves various functions in tactical and emergency situations. It is a triangular-shaped, thin fabric, similar to a traditional cravat or neck scarf, but designed with durability and practicality in mind. Its dimensions are 58" x 38.5" x 38.5". The FORWARD Tactical Cravats can be employed for tasks such as first aid applications, improvised slings, swaths, bandages, tourniquets, or even as a makeshift face covering. The adaptability and functionality of the FORWARD Tactical Cravat makes it a valuable tool for operators in military, law enforcement, or emergency response scenarios, providing a simple yet effective solution for a range of situations.

  • Tear notches on all 4 corners of packaging
  • Compact durable vacuum sealed packaging
  • Application diagram
  • Non-woven, beige color fabric
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 5-year shelf life
  • TAA Compliant
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Forward Tactical Cravat

$4.75 USD

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