FORWARD Minor Surgical Kit--Integrated MedCraft

FORWARD Minor Surgical Kit


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RX ONLY: Sale of this medical device is restricted to a licensed medical practitioner or those under the order and supervision of a licensed medical practitioner. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure that they are properly supervised and trained in the use of this device, based on their state and local medical protocols. A Medical License or Authorization from your Medical Director will be required before we fulfill your order.

Download a copy of our License Authorization Form.
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This kit is packaged in a waterproof, resealable, 5 mil vacuumed sealed pouch.

Components COO
(5) Gauze Sponge Sterile 1's, 4"x4", 12 Ply US
(1) Iris Scissors Straight 4.5", Sterile PK 
(1) Webster NH 5", Sterile PK 
(1) Adson Forcep Serrated 4 3/4" , Sterile PK 
(1) Kelly Forcep Curved 5.5", Sterile PK 
(2) ChloraPrep 1ml-Sterile US
(1) Drape, Sterile, 3" Fenestrated, 18" x 26" US
(2) Drape, Sterile,  18" x 26" US
(2) Gloves, Nitrile, Sterile, Large US
(1) Suture, Taper Point, Size 2-0, 27", Violet Monofilament   ES
(1) Suture, Reverse Cutting, Size 4-0, 18", Black Monofilament  ES