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FORWARD Bleeding Control Training Kit - Basic

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The FORWARD Bleeding Control Training Kit - Basic includes the three leading versions of tourniquets, each renowned for its reliability and ease of application. Because these tourniquets are diverse in design and with their own nuances, this training kit provides operators with the necessary hands-on training experience with all three models.

Complementing the tourniquets, the kit features a life-like leg task trainer with GSW and laceration, trauma shears, a box of high-quality gloves, wound packing gauze, and compression bandages.

The Comprehensive Bleeding Control Training Kit is more than just a collection of tools; it represents a commitment to empowering individuals with the skills and resources needed to make a difference in severe bleeding emergencies. With its comprehensive array of bleeding control essentials, this kit is a testament to preparedness, ensuring that first responders are well-trained to handle critical scenarios confidently and effectively.

Kit Contains:   QTY/KIT  
Durable, Re-usable Bin (Training Blue)  19.8" x 13.8" x 11.8" 1
TRUECLOT PCT3 Leg Trainer 2
Combat Application Tourniquet Trainer, Blue
Sam XT Tourniquet- Training Blue 2
SOF Tourniquet, Blue 2
Forward Cotton Gauze Slim Z-Fold 10
Forward Trauma Compression Dressing Rolled 4" 5
Bandage/Trauma Shears, 7.5" Black 3
Box of Gloves 1
FAST Stretcher / Litter 1
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FORWARD Bleeding Control Training Kit - Basic

$1,608.00 USD

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