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CT-7 Leg Traction Splint with Multicam Molle Bag


The CT-7 Leg Traction Splint is a carbon fiber leg traction device designed to provide femur traction in a field environment. The CT-7 is designed to eliminate cords, pulleys, redundant leg straps and does not extend beyond the patient's foot.

  • All adjustments are done at the patient's ankle allowing clear view of patient limb length
  • ACME Screw Traction Technology is precise, strong and accurate
  • Treaded Rod Traction System allows for increases in traction in small increments
  • Ability to apply 10 - 30 pounds of traction in approximately 30 seconds
  • Does not extend beyond patient's foot
  • Features a padded ischial strap and a one piece slip resistant ankle hitch
  • Light weight (1.5 Lbs)

The Threaded Rod Traction system allows the Responder to apply traction slowly and in a controlled manner, preventing further injury to the soft tissue.

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