Blanket Ready Heat II Torso, 34"X24

Blanket Ready Heat II Torso, 34"X24


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Half the size of the RH II full body blanket this lightweight, easily portable blanket warms up to 100°F/37.8°C in 8-10 minutes, weighs less than a pound and measures 34″ by 24″.

Ready-Heat II is designed specifically as a first responder blanket to treat shock and hypothermia. It warms to a minimum 100°F/37.8°C in 10 minutes and will maintain that minimum heat for 8 hours. The blanket has a foam core for water resistance and is lightweight and comfortable. The Ready-Heat II Torso is quick to reach operating temperature and works well in high altitudes and in low oxygen environments.

This comfortable warming blanket is also finding many other medical, EMS and other applications where warmth is required.