CO-Pilot System with 8330AA Universal Sensor Adult / Pediatric, EA-Pulse Oximeter-Integrated MedCraft

CO-Pilot System with 8330AA Universal Sensor Adult / Pediatric, EA


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The CO-Pilot is engineered to withstand challenging conditions faced in the field, the Nonin CO-Pilot System is a flexible, five-parameter system capable of measuring SpO2, Pulse Rate, COHb, MetHb and rSO2 all on one wireless handheld device.

Responsive Readings:

  • Accepts Nonin SpO2, rSO2 and multi-parameter sensors
  • Indicated for SpO2 accuracy from 80% to 100% with CO up to 15%
  • COHb accuracy with patients in normoxia and hypoxia

Reliability in the Field

  • Lightweight, handheld design
  • is easy to carry and simple to use
  • Nonin multi-parameter and rSO2 sensors deliver dependable performance
  • Rugged design meets strict IEC 60601-1-12 EMS standards

Features Designed to Give Accuracy and Reliability

  • Proven durable sensors can monitor multiple parameters at once
  • Pleth waveform displays simultaneously with the parameters measured using the Multi-Parameter Sensor (8330AA)
  • Wireless display and signal processor are pre-paired; no additional steps needed
  • System can also monitor rSO2 during resuscitation or ECMO
  • Full battery charge provides approximately 10 hours of runtime