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Critical Airway Management Trainer


This Critical Airway Management Trainer will test the ability to evaluate the challenges present in initiating respiratory care to the critical patient. The trauma head is the most economical way to add these challenges to your airway maintenance curriculum. This Critical Airway Management Torso provides training in critical thinking and relevant applications for traumatized airway victims. The trauma head simulates: tongue swelling, laryngospasm, a small mouth opening, restricted jaw movement, two external bleeding locations, and one internal bleeding location. The cricothyrotomy feature has replaceable neck skins allowing economical, multiple applications. The airway will accept all field devices such as E.T., L.T., Combitube®, L.M.A., E.O.A., N.P.A., LT King, and O.P.A. adjuncts. Anatomical landmarks include: teeth, tongue, uvula, epiglottis, vocal chords, trachea, and larynx. Includes a soft carry bag, simulated blood powder, and lubricant. Size: 30" x 17" x 10". Ship weight 21 lbs.

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