XSTAT 30-REVMEDX-Integrated MedCraft
XSTAT 30-REVMEDX-Integrated MedCraft
XSTAT 30-REVMEDX-Integrated MedCraft
XSTAT 30-REVMEDX-Integrated MedCraft



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RX ONLY: Sale of this medical device is restricted to a licensed medical practitioner or those under the order and supervision of a licensed medical practitioner. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure that they are properly supervised and trained in the use of this device, based on their state and local medical protocols. A Medical License or Authorization from your Medical Director will be required before we fulfill your order.

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NSN 6510-01-644-7335

CoTCCC Recommended

Use:  For larger exit wounds from gunshots or other penetrating trauma

The only FDA-cleared device indicated for severe bleeding from penetrating, narrow-entrance wounds

  • Applies hemostatic pressure inside the wound cavity to stop bleeding at its source
  • Overcomes limitations of traditional wound dressings in treating deep, narrow-tract wounds
Applies in seconds and stops bleeding immediately without manual compression
  • Remove from packaging and apply to wound in 30 seconds. XSTAT sponges immediately expand, apply 360° hemostatic pressure and stop bleeding 
  • No need for the minutes of manual compression necessary with hemostatic gauze
Syringe applicator is easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Requires minimal training 
  • Alleviates need for wound-packing expertise
  • Single Pack; 108 radiopaque sponges per applicator
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Sterile
  • 5 yr. shelf life

    Product Dimensions:
    Length:  5.5”
    Diameter:  1.18”
    Packaged Dimensions:
    Length:  6.9” x 11.1” x 1.3”
    Cube:  0.34 L
    Weight:  0.10 kg (0.23 lbs)