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Why Integrated MedCraft?

Integrated MedCraft is serious about improving patient care.  We believe in introducing cutting edge products and therapies that work in the real world, are effective, supported by data, and contain effective product training solutions.  Improving Deployment Medicine.

US Army Medic Casevac


Providing cutting edge products, solutions and therapies that save lives, improve patient care and provide better information to our medical care providers.  Better Patient Care Forward.

Partner ship between industry and the US government and Department of Defense.


Have a product that you feel meets the operational needs of our Nation's War-fighters?  Please reach out to Integrated MedCraft.  Our team has close to 20 years’ experience introducing products, therapies and solutions to the Department of Defense and other Federal Government pre-hospital medical caregivers.

USMC Casualty Evacutation


Driven to assist medical practitioners in finding the deployable medical solutions they need to successfully complete the mission.  Let us leverage our integrated team of TAA Compliant Suppliers to meet your operational needs.  

Integrated MedCraft Federal Buying Contracts

We are actively adding to our portfolio of Federal Contracts.  Please check back often.  


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